ESP32 Weather Station

An existing application of a weather station provided by ThingPulse was extended to provide new features and some fixes.

The new features include:

  • Landscape Mode: This is particularly useful when the device will actually be touched occasionally (e.g. beside the bed) and therefore needing a more stable case.
  • Automatic Screen Off: The screen can be configured to turn off after a specific time, and turn back on as soon as the display is touched. Transitions between on and off are implemented in a smooth way.
  • Today's Temperature Trend: In landscape mode, the wind rose is replaced by a tempature trend for the next 15 hours.
  • ESP32 TouchDown: This target hardware is now directly supported via a separate build environment for PlatformIO.

Fixes to the upstream version:

  • Stable Time Display: The upstream version tended to skip a second now and then due to a display loop period of slightly longer then 1 second. This is fixed now.

Source Code Repository

Exemplary Configuration


The same in a nice wooden case:



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